Strong Island Fitness
We Meet You Where You Are

We Meet You Where You Are

Our highly qualified personal trainers will help you accomplish your goal at any age or fitness level. 

Our Services

Our Services

Monthly Memberships

Enjoy unlimited access to state-of-the-art equipment, expert-led classes, and a supportive fitness community.

Strength and Fitness Training

This training program is designed to help you eliminate excess fat and build strength, stamina, and endurance.

Cardiovascular Training

The cardiovascular training program improves overall cardiovascular health, contributing to a healthier heart and overall well-being, along with muscular strength.

Group Training

Experience motivation and camaraderie in our group training sessions, where collective energy drives everyone towards their fitness goals.

Flexibility & Mobility Training

It is also a comprehensive training module blending yoga, breathing techniques, joint mobility, foam rolling, and more to provide a refreshing, full-body experience.



300s (2)

Rick (the owner @ Strong Island ) is an impressive individual (Smart, honest, kind). I noticed that his doors had reopened post COVID, so I decided to stop in and tour the facility. The gym is perfect. Well equipped, and no nonsense. I was born and raised just a couple of blocks away from here (back when Velo Sports used to operate out of the address). The North Berkeley neighborhood is seriously benefited by having this establishment in it.

Jake C.

Oakland, CA
300s (3)

Since my last review, still highly recommend SIF for personal training as well as small exercise classes. I like the owners, trainers, small local facility. Mellow vibe there for seniors. Owners select nice and knowledgeable trainers.

The owners' dog is also cute - Gannon!

Mamie L.

Berkeley, CA

What an incredible place. The trainers have shown me lots of ways to work out that are different (and probably better) than what I've learned in the past. They are very welcoming to all sizes, shapes and ages as well.

Rick, the owner should start a side gig teaching other small businesses how to hire good people. Everyone that works there is incredibly friendly and seem well schooled in how to do personal training.

Richard C.

Berkeley, CA

I worked with Rick for a year and a half and have nothing but great things to say.

He guided me through proper form on squats, deadlifts, and complex moves like Turkish get-ups. If my back was stiff, elbow hurting, or foot causing problems, he'd not only tailor my workout to work around the issue, but he'd also show me mobilization techniques to help loosen up that area. Much of what I learned from him will be part of my fitness routine for the long term.

The cherry on top: He's one of the warmest, kindest people I've ever interacted with. He really cares about each person in that studio. The other trainers are also friendly and very positive.

I loved going to this studio and I'll miss living nearby.

Jonathan G.

San Francisco, CA
300s (1)

It's a nice facility with a nice location and really great staff. Really appreciate the relaxed ambiance. Definitely recommending it to my friends!

Jesse G.

Berkeley, CA